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Health, Safety & Environmental, Social and Governance (HS & ESG)

A HS & ESG programme creates a sustainable structure for an organisation with conformity that boosts the productivity. A HS & ESG management software can bring in integrity and value to your organisation and can thereby attract more customers. It also helps to build awareness of the HS & ESG best practices among your employees and stakeholders.

It is always important to ensure that your workforce is not contributing to your business because of a deficit workplace with open quality, health, safety, and environment issues. Let your workforce contribute their best with a positive mindset for the safer workspace you build for them.

Many hands make light work! Let us team up for introducing better management of strategic HS & ESG initiatives into your business.


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Perks & Benefits


More active and quick alerts at the time of an incident


Less response time and cost of operation


Accurate and reliable KPI-oriented data for easy tracking


Improved Compliance, Employee contribution & satisfaction




The color-coded data rich dashboard to power up your business understanding and to ease your business management.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)

A HI/RA can provide users with accurate and vast information on hazards and risks. This application assists the user in identifying and assessing risks.

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

As part of the EIA process, isorobot investigate both positive and negative impacts on the society, culture, and health of the proposed development.

Incident and Emergency Management

Incident and Emergency Management

By managing incidents, you can avoid future incidents in your organization. You can respond to all emergencies with Emergency Management. The program assists with disaster prevention, preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery.

Waste Management

Waste Management

You can create a centralized procedure and policy for waste management in your company using waste management menus. Hazardous waste can be safely disposed of this way without endangering your employees.



Automated and accurate reporting according to the KPIs and the data, feed into the system.

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Key Modules


Business Process Management

Knowledge Hub

Human Capital

Compliance Management

Asset Management

Strategy Management

Risk Management

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Customer Engagement

Non Conformity Management

Internal Audit

External Audit

Management Review Meeting

Business Assessment

Incident Management

Frequently Asked Questions

A QHSE management system can revolutionize workplace safety, product quality and environmental responsibility. Through the implementation of communication protocols, targeted improvement initiatives and a focus on reducing occupational risks, employees are protected while sustainability goals are strengthened. By creating tailored health & safety arrangements that meet the criteria for various workplaces across different sectors; businesses have found success in this comprehensive approach to enhanced efficiency.

To protect workers and promote sustainability, the QHSE management system encourages incremental improvement to maximize quality in products and processes. It emphasizes communication between stakeholders while implementing necessary safeguards to reduce occupational risks across all places of work; a safe environment is always paramount.

  • Developing continuous improvement in an efficient manner.
  • Demonstrating grasp of the wants and demands of the consumer.
  • Delivering great customer service to satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers.
  • Increasing the efficiency of your services and products.

Business success requires that organisations continually strive to improve both the quality of their products and services, as well as protecting employees and environmental surroundings. QHSE is a key factor for businesses in achieving this goal since it assists them with meeting regulatory standards while delivering increased productivity and profitability.

The HI/RA can give users the vast and accurate data on hazards and risks that the organisation might face. It helps the user to identify the risk and to assess it as well.

EIA helps the proposed project or development by considering both beneficial and adverse impacts on society, culture, and human health. With the data-rich dashboard, it is easy to monitor the level of impact in your organisation. EIA is an important factor to be considered while assuring QHSE for an organisation.

The user can ensure workplace best practice by actively observing the workplace practices and determine whether there are any unsafe aspects to be rectified. This can increase the QHSE level of an organisation.

The user can ensure workplace best practice by actively observing the workplace practices and determine whether there are any unsafe aspects to be rectified. This can increase the QHSE level of an organisation.

Incident management can help you understand likelihood and near incidents in your organisation, so they can be prevented from occurring in future. Incident management builds the QHSE stronger as it helps to create a safer workplace by avoiding risks timely. Emergency Management helps you to respond against all emergencies. It helps in prevention, preparation, response, mitigation, and recovery for foreseen disasters or emergencies. This builds an awareness among employees about responding to any disaster at a point of emergency.

Yes, Waste management is an important aspect of QHSE where the wastes that are hazardous to human health, should be managed and disposed carefully. Waste management menu helps you to create a centralised procedure and policy for any such waste in your organisation. This can help safe disposal of hazardous waste with no harm to your workforce

Yes. We do have a resolute team to help you with any integration-related assistance. We only offer third-party integration for direct purchase, not the purchase through the websites. Website purchase offers standard version of isorobot with limited customization options.

Yes, of course, the approach is designed to address the enterprise challenges at all aspects of business. This is regardless of the size of the organisation. This also has the consulting and organisational best practices followed by international frameworks, standards, guidelines, and legal and regulatory requirements. Following the basic templates within isorobot will help you do the deployment faster.

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