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isorobot Enterprise Risk Management Solution

isorobot Enterprise Risk Management technology helps users in identifying and forecasting future risks and opportunities to make the right decision at the most crucial times. isorobot’s enterprise risk management tool helps you to create and add risk mitigation plans to your business and ensures that the user is notified whenever an incident occurs.

By utilising industry best practices and checklists, isorobot helps to minimise internal incidents and better manage adverse incidents and consequences. This relieves unplanned stress and additional workload in an organization, thus saving time and avoiding crippling business risks.

Business benefits of using isorobot ERM



Improved quality, availability, and timely availability of risk data



Increased collaboration between business units and the risk management function



Enhanced risk information systems and technology infrastructure



Improved control in establishing and embedding the risk culture across the enterprise.

Often, the best ERM software solution to a problem comes from those who experience it. This certainly holds true for isorobot. The solutions are created based on the feedback and active inputs from the trendsetting veteran Quality Consultants at Excelledia.

Manage your organisation risks efficiently


The dashboard provides detailed insights into functional and corporate risks, their impact levels, as well as open and closed risks across each department. The dashboard is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of each and every risk and consists of

  • CEO Dashboard
  • Owners Dashboard
  • Champions Dashboard
  • BI Tool Integration

Risk Matrix

The Risk Matrix within the isorobot, helps a user to evaluate the risk based on its likelihood and impact. Through our risk matrix, we provide decision-makers with a quick overview of the most critical threats.

Risk Register

The Risk Register in isorobot helps in gaining control over every single risk that has a proper budget plan, impact analysis, and assessment. With our Risk & Opportunity Register and Corporate Risk Register, it is easy to identify, analyse, and manage risks across all departments that affect the functioning of an organisation.

Risk Management

With the risk management feature, all organisations can efficiently manage risks, regardless of their level or impact. Our highly intelligent system has the ability to understand and map risk contexts efficiently. The impact analysis, KRIs, and inherent risk analysis, give an edge in risk management and its mitigation. Residual Risk Analysis capability enables notifying and mitigating every single identified or tagged risk. Users can also keep track of their progress by using the easy-to-use Risk Journey and Risk Treatments with Follow-ups feature.

Risk Heat Map

Heat map feature helps in visualisation and identification of the severity of risks with its organised, well-defined images. Integrating risk management across the enterprise and embedding it into all operations is made easier with isorobot.

Workflow Engine

The Workflow engine within isorobot helps to utilize all departments and the relevant workforce to manage risk with a flawless workflow plan ensuring that the teams can keep track of each step. Leveraging our innovative workflow engine, risk scenarios and resource allocation can be reviewed making the approval process more efficient and effective.


isorobot's standardised reports gives the users a competitive edge in identifying, managing and mitigating threats. The advanced features include enabling templatised reports apart from the system generated risk reports according to KPIs based on standardised system outputs.

Why Choose isorobot ERM Solutions?

isorobot assists organisations in analysing and quantifying the impact and potential impediments while accomplishing the organisation's goals, with each risk linked to the organisation's strategy and vice versa. Aside from that, the data from ERM may be converted into meaningful business insights, revealing the story behind the numbers and allowing for more informed decision-making. As a futuristic enterprise management system, isorobot is more than just a Risk Management System. It has various modules, including audits, quality management, and human capital which are easily integratable and support every framework that is a necessity for an organisation.

Use of integrated risk management software

Every organisation, be it small or large, public, or private, can proactively monitor and control unfavourable events with an effective integrated risk management solution. An enterprise risk management platform identifies, monitors and allocate resources to mitigate financial, strategic, and operational threats. ERM software alerts businesses about potential risks or situations and helps prevent losses. By analysing insights from an ERM, organisations can adopt relevant risk management strategies to prevent unsafe incidents and minimise associated risks.

An enterprise risk assessment software analyses major risks and chooses the appropriate action to mitigate it. The four major responses are:

  • Acceptance or tolerance of a risk
  • Avoiding or terminating it
  • Transferring it via insurance or a joint venture
  • Reducing or mitigating it through internal controls or other prevention mechanisms.

Advantages of isorobot ERM

  • Easy to use and administer – for all users and process owners
  • High quality information with proactive Reporting and Dashboarding.
  • Standardised practices for policies and procedures
  • Enhanced business continuity and reputation
  • Risk management and proactive control activities are intertwined.
  • Integrated Analytics and reporting
  • Easy to integrate with existing Enterprise software