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Internal Audit Manager

The modern-day businesses can never be successful if it does not constantly strive to improve. It is not only important to improve businesses by adopting new strategies and building new plans for the future, but also monitoring them actively to see if they bring the expected results. This process is called auditing.

Internal Audit is the process where every business can check whether they adhere to the legal and statutory or international guidelines that defines the business processes, procedures, and policies.

In this modern era, most businesses use digital internal audit tools. It saves them a lot of time and cost with its active monitoring, quick alerting, and automated reporting capabilities.

isorobot Internal Audit Manager helps businesses to utilise these benefits and gives you a real-time visibility into the status of your audit process and generate accurate insights and findings.

Business benefits of isorobot IAM



of internal audit departments effectively leverage advanced data analytics to identify and assess risk, globally.



of internal audit departments identify and monitor key risk indicators (KRIs).



of chief compliance officers say that their organisation does not have an enterprise-wide reporting system.



of organisations across globe believe that Internal Audit is a more pro-active trusted advisor for business improvements.

It is very essential for organisations to have an Internal Audit Program in place. Monitoring and protecting all business assets and safeguarding them against threats can only be accomplished by implementing an internal auditing program. The audit will also ensure that your documented policies and procedures reflect your business processes.

The five major reasons to have an internal audit program in an organisation are:

  • Objective analysis
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Risk evaluation and protection from threats
  • Evaluates organisational controls
  • Complies with legal requirements

Manage your organisation with better audit findings

The isorobot Internal Audit Manager plays a crucial role in enhancing your user experience and managing your audit plan efficiently by providing various configuration and customisation options to the user. It also helps your businesses to manage internal audits effortlessly. The isorobot Internal Audit Manager offers plenty of features. Hence, conducting your audits have become more interesting and enjoyable.

Isorobot internal audit manager provides access to:

Audit Universe

Audit universe helps you to define Auditable item, Audit plan, and Annual Audit Plan, which can make your job way easier while creating a new audit plan.

Audit Planning

The audit planning feature enables the planning for the audit, fieldwork for the audit, testing & capturing the findings of an audit, drafting an audit report, and reviewing it internally with the auditor comments and circulating final reports.

Root cause & impact analysis

Root cause analysis helps you to identify the root cause of any issue or risk and can be taken corrective measures to prevent the issue to occur again.

Workflow Engine

To have a perfect workflow plan, isorobot's Workflow engine connects all departments and the workforce to manage risks and keep track of them in each stage. You can review risk scenarios and allocate resources more effectively and efficiently with our innovative workflow engine.

Dashboard and Reporting

The accurate, intuitive, and attractive colour coded dashboards give you an enhanced view about your audit plan and audit findings. The auto-generated reports can be exported into any formats and thus saves your time.

Why to choose isorobot IAM solution?

isorobot IAM system is a strong solution that complies with IIA internal audit best practises, as well as all main ISO standards and business frameworks. In this age of digital disruption, an increasing number of companies are digitalizing internal audits using internal audit software platforms.

External and internal audit software solutions, root cause analysis, and investigative capabilities are also available with isorobot, as well as recommendations for corrective action. The CXOs will get greater value by doing an impact study to assess the financial, operational, and human consequences of all audit findings. A good enterprise quality management system will help your company establish a well-managed culture and, in turn, improve your product's performance and marketing capabilities.

Utilize the best Internal Audit Management tool

Auditors can use advanced reporting technologies to better control the planning and execution of audits while also verifying that each process follows the rules. Internal audit solutions are becoming more collaborative, and stakeholders expect them to deliver essential insights into an organisation's governance, risk, and compliance. Spreadsheets are unquestionably valuable and necessary for businesses, but an internal audit management software could manage resources, deliver projects on schedule, and automate processes efficiently. With our strong experience on internal audit consulting services, we have made it possible for you to benefit from our internal audit software tools.

The Advantages of isorobot IAM

  • Process Based Audit Plans: enable internal auditors to identify any risks that may hinder the growth of the enterprise.
  • Custom Audit Reports: Create customized audit reports with options to export as PDF or Excel. Generate tailor-made audit reports.
  • Automated Reminders: Enabling timely completion of corrective action plans with the automated workflows and reminders.
  • Create your audit plan: isorobot IAM offers an option to assign selected auditable items to your desired team of internal auditors. You can choose a suitable time to conduct your audit.
  • Build your audit team: isorobot IAM can help in building your customized internal audit team by assigning an audit team leader, team members, roles and responsibilities, auditable items, and the duration of the audit
  • Advanced Audit Analytics: Advanced audit analytics can give you more visibility on your processes and procedures, this can help you save time as the audit findings can be updated to the system at the real time enabling auditors to communicate the audit results to the clients with deeper insights.
  • Dashboard Analytics: Dashboard with interactive and collective data that shows the analytics of every single data of your audit plan. You can filter the audit data by source, process, department, process, and time. Obtain a more in-depth view with dashboard analysis that includes the number of new inspections, audit status, and more.
  • Customised Audit Universe: Internal audit teams can create a customized Audit Universe of all the auditable entities.
  • Integration with Outlook: isorobot offers seamless and supported integration with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Paperless Audit Field Work: Going paperless offers increased accessibility, tracking ability, and increased security.
  • Audit Planner: Standardise and automate audit planning and execution by defining risks and setting up alerts to respond effectively.
  • Action Tracking: Set up corrective and preventive actions, determine closing objectives, guarantee a timely reactivity to process actions and provide decision-makers with real time visibility.
  • Audit Workflow Engine: Internal auditors are guided throughout the entire audit from start till end.
  • Auto-Generated Audit Report: Fully customisable auto-generated reports based on the findings and its category.