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Business Assessments & Awards

It is always good to look at the future. The vision only gives you room to grow. Dynamic improvements require assessment, understanding and preparation. It is necessary to constantly improve. Every huge corporate in this digital age did the hard work to become what they are now. Finally, all the hardwork and efforts must be effective to grow.

Business Assessments & Awards (BAA) from isorobot improves your business with assessments, findings, and insights. Profits are part of growth, but reputation comes from meeting international standards and frameworks.

Business benefits of isorobot BAA



Time saved in preparing new improvement plans



Improved quality in processes as the organisations sticks to a single procedure



Improved employee morale as they feel upgraded all the time with new assessments

isorobot BAA is an efficient assessment tool, which helps your business in yielding organisational goals with reputation and standardized procedures. Isorobot BAA can:

  • Calculate your organisational compliance level.
  • Helps you to identify your next improvement level.
  • Identifies the gap between your current performance and next desired level.
  • Provide proper insights to improve best practice.
  • Generate checklists for ensuring the new improvements.
  • Estimate your compliance score using Automatic Scoring Calculator can.

Drift to the next level with Business Assessment Software

Having the knowledge about where you are now and where you can go next, is the way how you push your business to heights. With our business impact analysis software, you can analyse your business and the possibilities it possesses. By conducting a business performance assessment, we will give you the insights on how close you are to reach the next level. Foster your business with our Business Assessment Software.


Add the frameworks you desire to implement into your business. You can select the scoring for the new framework. It is possible to add options to the frameworks you wish to adapt.


Insert assessments into your business for progressing to adapt new frameworks and guidelines. Add assessments by documents, by management system types, by department and use PDCA cycle, to see the progress.

Why to choose isorobot BAA?

isorobot BAA can generate automated reports and can recommend correction plans according to your current performance and the goal you wish to achieve. It can incorporate any standards or business framework to help you adapt the same into your business.

Award a sustainable business to yourself

With isorobot BAA, it is easy to build a resilient and sustainable business which reduces loss and brings in profit by implementing the standards you wish, with active monitoring. With the elimination of task duplication, it saves time and cost in your business. With pro-active monitoring, it is easy to monitor for any risk that revolves around your business.

Advantages of isorobot BAA

  • The business assessment and award solution assists in identifying the current performance and conformance levels within the organisation.
  • You can use the automated scoring calculator to organize your initiatives accordingly.
  • Built-in checklists for organisational informational portfolio with automated scoring calculator.
  • Track process performances at the organisational, functional, operational and project levels across assessment formats.
  • This solution makes it simple to apply for any awards that match the standard criteria.
  • Ability to add established assessment models, perform assessments, have automatic scoring, and apply for awards matching the criteria.