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Looking to the future, it is critical for businesses to set and work towards ambitious goals. isorobot BAA enables companies of all sizes to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of their operations through thorough assessments and insights, allowing them to create sustainable development plans that help grow profit margins while also meeting international standards. With dynamic improvement at its core, success in this digital age comes with hard work - but ultimately yields significant rewards when done effectively.


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Perks & Benefits


Compliance tracker to reach the next level


Accurate and appropriate assessments for every new framework


Improved quality in processes as the organisations sticks to a single procedure

Salient Features

Advanced Analytics Integration


Add the frameworks you desire to implement into your business and select the respective scoring for the new framework.



Utilize assessments by document, system type or department to analyse progress through PDCA cycle for a comprehensive review.



Automated and accurate reporting according to the KPIs and the data, feed into the system

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Key Modules


Business Process Management

Knowledge Hub

Human Capital

Compliance Management

Asset Management

Business Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses must strive for ambitious goals in order to realize success in this digital age. The BAA from isorobot keeps companies of all sizes equipped with the tools and insights needed to identify areas needing improvement, create sustainable development plans that will boost profit margins while staying compliant internationally - ultimately leading towards lasting rewards down the line through hard work and dedication

With Business Assessments & Awards (BAA) from isorobot, your business gets the boost it needs to reach new heights. By implementing assessments and findings designed with international standards in mind, you can build an unrivalled reputation that drives growth and profits far into the future.

With our Business Assessments and Awards, you can harness the power of knowledge to drive your business skyward. Our comprehensive performance assessment will provide valuable insights into your progress and potential for growth; helping bring forth the frameworks necessary to reach new heights. Custom scoring allows users control over which standards guide their journey--while assessments via documents, management system types, departments or PDCA cycles facilitate a targeted approach towards success in all endeavors!

isorobot is build flexible so that any organisation can make use of it. We offer two types of implementation models: On-premises and Cloud-based.

Yes. We do have a resolute team to help you with any integration-related assistance. We only offer third-party integration for direct purchase, not the purchase through the websites. Website purchase offers standard version of isorobot with limited customization options.

Yes, of course, the approach is designed to address the enterprise challenges at all aspects of business. This is regardless of the size of the organisation. This also has the consulting and organisational best practices followed by international frameworks, standards, guidelines, and legal and regulatory requirements. Following the basic templates within isorobot will help you do the deployment faster.

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