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Information Security & Business Continuity

Business continuity management (BCM) is a risk management approach that addresses the possibility of business operations being disrupted by both internal and external forces. It entails preparing to ensure that an adequate level of service is maintained in the event of an incident.

Information Security refers to the processes and techniques devised and deployed to private, critical information against modification, disruption, and destruction. Employees are a company's most asset. There is a wide variety of vital resources and technological assets that must be safeguarded in an organisation. In this context, Information Security is a key component.

isorobot Business Continuity Management system has a built-in best practice library which can implement best practices in business processes to reduce the risk occurrences and impacts. It also possesses the features of a business continuity planning software along with that of an information security software.

Business benefits of isorobot IS and BCM



Increase in organisational resiliency



Time and cost saved for building organisational resilience



Improved control over known disruptive scenarios

A business continuity tool helps in planning, implementing, and monitoring the best-practices and control actions to achieve sustainability. At the same time, information security ensures that no information is exposed to irrelevant people in your business.

Act against the disruptions before they occur

A BCM tool is necessary for every business that would help them to overcome any disruptions arising against your organisation. A BCM program was formerly managed by experts who were aware of the possible disruptions that might hamper your growth. But gradually, the manual process resulted in more cost and time to overcome the disruption. Thus, an effective business continuity software can implement an effective Business Continuity Management Solution that can bring more resilience to the business.

Real-time Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard is meant for everyone even for those with minimum or no technological expertise.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

BIA determines and evaluates the possible impacts of any obstacle caused because of an unforeseen accident.

Emergency Management

Be updated of all emergencies at the right time your attentions are required without any delays or chances of missing out.

Event Management

During an incident, it is essential to identify the event and the impact it brings to the business. Event management module helps you to overcome this hurdle.

Incident Management

With effective Incident Management all operations and activities can be identified, analysed, and corrected to prevent a future re-occurrence.

Continuity of Operations

Enables your operations and services to continue without any hindrance if you happen to face any challenges or obstacles.

Crises Control

The effective crises control, where multiple users get notified in case of urgent requirement awaiting immediate response and actions.


The real-time active reporting can help you observe your surroundings for disruptions.

Why to choose isorobot IS & BCM?

isorobot BCM helps minimize the worst impacts of disruptions to your business. It ensures that the customers, vendors, business partners, employees, and other stakeholders should have a safety net in place. isorobot BCM can reduce disruptions, downtime, losses, financial losses, and other negative effects. Modern businesses have dedicated IT security systems to monitor their internal networks. Information Security Management System must be used to safeguard these systems and stop data theft.

To enhance organisational reputation, isorobot ensures that the company complies with all applicable rules and regulations.

Utilize the efficient and responsive Information Security and business continuity tool

isorobot make use of an efficient and responsive business continuity management software to impact your businesses positively by actively monitoring your organisation with its safeguarding capabilities. It is not easy to terminate the risks and disruption at once and forever. But it is easy to identify them before it occurs and reduces your business downtime and losses. Thus, isorobot BCM is a perfect solution for your business. isorobot (ISMS) Information Security is necessary to ensure digital business continuity and enable businesses scale back by preventing and reducing the impact of incidents. An organisation needs Information Security to protect the business functionality and ensure safety in the operations of applications.

Advantages of isorobot IS & BCM

  • Minimising business disruptions
  • Keep critical business functions running by maintaining a consistent and positive customer experience.
  • Keeping the workforce productive by restoring lost business functions or activities with ease.
  • Make more informed decisions by implementing pro-active monitoring for disruptions.
  • Maintains data privacy, security, and reliability
  • Enhances resilience to cybersecurity threats
  • Continuation of business operations during unexpected disruptions by providing security to all your information
  • Ensure profitability and asset protection.
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Reducing operational risks and security-related costs