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isorobot GRC is a comprehensive risk management platform that enables businesses to effectively manage and control their risks. Businesses can automate their risk management processes, improve governance and compliance, and gain visibility into their overall risk exposure. This tool helps businesses to identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks across all business functions. It also provides a centralised repository for all risk-related data, which can be accessed by all stakeholders. Additionally, GRC software solutions help businesses to be more compliant with all the relevant regulatory standards. This implementation will benefit businesses by fostering a more collaborative work culture and bridging the gap between employees and departments in different office locations. It will remove silos, save time and money and achieve the required goals.


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Salient Features

Advanced Analytics Integration


Make your process the best that explains your GRC policies to all your employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Real-time Dashboard


An integrated risk register helps you identify all pertinent risks thereby deducing a mitigation plan.

Automated Reports


Stay compliant with the legal and regulatory guidelines.

Roles Based Access


Build an audit culture that can give you proper insights on the engagement and implementation of your GRC programme.

Ticketing System Support


Your information is always secure, whether it is mission critical or not.

API Console

Assessment &

Assess your business regularly and generate automated reports for better understanding.

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Key Modules


Business Process Management

Knowledge Hub

Human Capital

Compliance Management

Asset Management

Strategy Management

Risk Management

Information Security

Business Continuity

Incident Management

Internal Audit

Business Assessment

Management Review Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

GRC is a set of processes and procedures to help organisations achieve business objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. The basic purpose of GRC is to instill good business practices into everyday life. While not a new concept, GRC has grown in stature as risks have become more numerous, more complex, and more damaging.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions provides organisations with a tool to monitor the multiple activities across their enterprise. It helps them identify risks, manage compliance, and improve operational efficiency in an effective and objective way.

  • Strategy Management
  • Policy Management
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Controls and Procedures
  • Internal and external audits
  • Reporting

Top management fails to assess and mitigate potential risks to organisational goals. Inadequate risk management streams and methods eventually lead to ineffective systems or entire system failure. GRC, or Governance Risk Compliance, combines an organisation's governance functions, risk management, and compliance with rules, regulations, and policies into a single structure. An effective GRC strategy not only saves time and effort in risk awareness and informed decision-making, but it also contributes to the overall performance of the organisation.

Make your process the best that explains your GRC policies to all your employees, stakeholders, and customers. Process management helps you to plan your process according to your GRC policies.

Every non-compliance is a risk factor that could harm your business. An integrated risk register could help you identify all pertinent risks and give you the knowledge about the risk factors and its treatment options.

Check your compliance level regularly with compliance management module and stay compliant with the legal and regulatory guidelines. Assess your business regularly to identify your distance from next level of qualifying for a new standard or a new policy. Every data and changes that occurs in the system is accumulated to generate automated reports for better understanding of your business using simple data.

isorobot is build flexible so that any organisation can make use of it. We offer two types of implementation models: On-premises and Cloud-based.

Yes. We do have a resolute team to help you with any integration-related assistance. We only offer third-party integration for direct purchase, not the purchase through the websites. Website purchase offers standard version of isorobot with limited customization options.

Yes, of course, the approach is designed to address the enterprise challenges at all aspects of business. This is regardless of the size of the organisation. This also has the consulting and organisational best practices followed by international frameworks, standards, guidelines, and legal and regulatory requirements. Following the basic templates within isorobot will help you do the deployment faster.

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