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Governance, Risk and Compliance

isorobot GRC risk management software enables you to control your business enabling improved visibility over your business, performance analysis, risk analysis, and effective stakeholder data management. With isorobot enterprise GRC software, you can keep your company running smoothly and compliant with all the relevant regulatory standards. By fostering a more collaborative work culture and bridging the gap between employees and departments in different office locations, isorobot GRC software solution helps businesses in removing silos, save time and money and achieve the required goals. isorobot is a powerful enterprise GRC solution that can stabilize your business by eliminating uncertainties and non-conformances which could be :-

Internal issues
  • Complexity of processes.
  • Rapid technological advancements.
  • People-related risks.
External issues
  • Competition.
  • Rapid developments in business models.
  • Growing appetite for risk.
  • Government regulations.

Business benefits of isorobot GRC



Employee productivity



Operational efficiency



Employee safety



Competitive differentiation

A governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) system can be immensely benefit your business with proactive features aimed at increasing productivity of your teams.

Build a resilient organisation with proper governance and top compliance:

A GRC software can help in building a resilient business while keeping you informed about your compliance levels with all the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to your business. This fosters greater employee communication and collaboration apart from helping businesses to implement efficient, effective, and smarter governance processes and procedures.

Smarter Dashboard

The real-time dashboard and its active data flow, the application gives you a clear view on every single aspect of your GRC programme allocating more time for you to plan for your future.

Process Management

Make your process the best that explains your GRC policies to all your employees, stakeholders, and customers. Process management helps you to plan your process according to your GRC policies.

Compliance Level

Check your compliance level regularly with compliance management module and stay compliant with the legal and regulatory guidelines.

Risk register

Every non-compliance is a risk factor that could harm your business. An integrated risk register could help you identify all pertinent risks and give you the knowledge about the risk factors and its treatment options.

Internal Audit

Once you set the auditable items, the system will automatically help you to schedule and build an audit culture that can give you proper insights on the engagement and implementation of your GRC programme.

Workflow Engine

The Workflow engine within isorobot, helps to utilise all departments and the relevant workforce to manage risks with a flawless workflow plan enabling the teams to be able to keep track of each step. By leveraging our innovative workflow engine, risk scenarios and resource allocation can be reviewed making the approval process more efficient and effective.

Information Management

Your information is always secure, whether it is mission critical or not. Every bit of information is safe and protected and is only open for you.

Business Assessment

Assess your business regularly to identify your distance from next level of qualifying for a new standard or a new policy.


Every data and changes that occurs in the system is accumulated to generate automated reports for better understanding of your business using simple data.

Why Choose isorobot GRC Solution?

isorobot boasts of features which are required in different industries and has been built with the help of consultants having more than 100+ Man years in risk and compliance consulting. We understand needs of different industries and add relevant features and functionalities best suited for them, giving us a competitive advantage over other players in the market. By being able to operate vertically from end-to-end, we apply industry standard best practices tailored to meet the organisation's needs.

Introduce the smartest GRC tool with isorobot

A governance risk and compliance software can help you forecast risks that can pull your business backward and slow down the rate of business growth. isorobot's smart features have the ability to identify problems that may develop either internally or externally. Being an integrated risk management system, it can map risks according to their nature and functions thereby structuring faster risk management and compliance. With our origins in the consulting business spanning more than a decade, we found the common issues faced by organizations in terms of governance, risk and compliance and created an efficient Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance software which can address them.

Advantages of isorobot GRC tool

  • Makes managing business processes easy
  • Facilitates risk measurement and management and risk-based thinking to plan for the future.
  • Enables timely, data-driven & accurate decision-making
  • Aligns deliverables with set requirements according to your business processes.
  • Achieving organisational GRC goals with best practice library.
  • Facilitating a transparent and independent governance structure.
  • Enabling robust risk management and mitigation systems.
  • Improving regulatory compliance with risk triggers.
  • Building a strong organisational structure and enhancing internal communication.
  • Link people with process to reduce people-based risks.