Enhanced and automated GRC that helps you stay compliant with reduced risks

Manage your business with a greater visibility over the micro and macro-environments.



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Why isorobot Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)?

isorobot GRC has smart features that identifies problems that may develop either internally or externally. Being an integrated risk management system, it can map risks according to their nature and functions thereby structuring faster risk management and compliance.

Package Offerings

  • 5 User Licenses
  • Analytics Platform & Dashboard
  • Real-time reporting system
  • Support for one year (Renews automatically as the subscription is renewed)
  • Ticketing System


  • User Profile and Hierarchy Creation
  • Internal control
  • Strategy management
  • SOA, KPIs, strategy mapping
  • Risk & audit universe
  • Initiatives and scorecards
  • Management review meetings & action plans.
  • Positive impact analytics
  • Local, regional & international best practice library
  • Compliance register & reporting
  • Workflow engine
  • Alerts & reminders

how to buy?

Watch these self-help videos to help yourself through the pre-purchase and post-purchase instructions.

isorobot introduction video
Pre-purchase instructional video

This video covers: The purchase process, payment process and the order confirmation.

isorobot introduction video
Post-purchase instructional video

This video covers: The order confirmation, reception and usage the credentials and steps on how to setup isorobot.

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