We are seeing a trend where the stakeholders are expecting the internal audits to be more collaborative and provide invaluable insights into an organization’s governance, risk and compliance. Relying on manual and traditional auditing processes using documents, spreadsheets and paper-based audits lack versatility. Spreadsheets are hands down incredibly useful and essential for many organisations, but imagine, what if an audit management system can manage resources, deliver projects on time, automate GRC processes, predict potential fallout and meet regulatory requirements. In the age of digital disruption, more and more organisations are jumping on the trend wagon by digitalizing internal audits with enterprise audit software systems.

Digital Internal Audits — An Imperative That Cannot

Evolving competition, stakeholder's changing demands, and technology-enabled expansion of business are impacting how an organization functions.

  • An enterprise audit software ensures an organisation comply with ISO standards
  • Enables audit planning, manage findings, schedule projects, allocate resources, and drive continuous improvement
  • Measure the effectiveness of the audit management software system for ISO standards
  • ISO audit software allows organizations to make better decisions with fact-based information

ISOROBOT - Shaping the Future of Internal Audits

ISOROBOT is an enterprise audit management system that supports IIA internal audit best practices, all major ISO standards and major business frameworks. It is an audit management system software powered by artificial intelligence that helps auditors and audit department to manage all the aspects of your organisation's internal auditing processes.

Complement your internal auditing with the AI-based ISOROBOT enterprise audit management system software.

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