16555-1 Innovation Management System

Innovation Management - Part 1: Innovation Management System This Technical Specification provides guidance on establishing and maintaining an innovation management system (IMS).

It is applicable to all public and private organizations regardless of sector, type or size.

This document provides guidance on:

  • understanding the context of the organisation;
  • establishing the leadership and commitment of top management;
  • planning for innovation success;
  • identifying and fostering innovation enablers/driving factors;
  • developing the innovation management process;
  • evaluating and improving the performance of the IMS;
  • understanding and using innovation management techniques.

By using this document, organizations can increase their awareness of the value of an IMS, establish such a system, expand their capacity for innovation, and ultimately generate more value for the organisation and its interested parties.

The use of a systematic approach to managing innovation is a good stepping stone for any organization aiming to become more innovative.

16555-2 Strategic Intelligence Management

This Technical Specification applies to the structuring and management of a strategic intelligence system intended to inform decisions in the planning and the deployment of innovation.

This Technical Specification defines:

  • the various terms relating to strategic intelligence and its management;
  • the key tasks in the strategic intelligence system;
  • the strategic intelligence system process (management, implementation and support).

This Technical Specification does not concern:

  • information validation and data protection;
  • the decision-making process.

16555-3 Innovation Thinking

This Technical Specification sets out guidance for an approach to innovation thinking. Innovation thinking can be used at all levels within the organization.

This part provides guidance on how to integrate the core values of innovation thinking into any organization. It provides an approach to balancing the risks and the business viability appropriate to the selected opportunity or problem. It provides top management with an approach for the evaluation of possible outcomes and the determination of the “best fit” for the organization's current strategy.

It is suitable for all types and sizes of organizations including SMEs and is intended for broad application. However, those who are responsible for implementing and managing innovation within such organizations may find this document particularly useful.

16555-4 Intellectual Property Management

This Technical Specification provides guidance to assist an organization to identify, capture, and safeguard intellectual property, in order to:

  • provide organizations with an overview of the fundamental principles of intellectual property management, in the context of the innovation process;
  • promote best practices in intellectual property matters that result in efficiently acquiring intellectual property, while increasing the organizations’ ability to effectively address intellectual property owned by third parties.

This Technical Specification is applicable to all types of organization, including the public sector. Special consideration has been given to the needs of SMEs.

16555-5 Collaboration Management

This Technical Specification provides guidance for the management of collaboration and productive interaction between individuals, departments, divisions and third party organizations engaged in innovation. It applies to all types of organization including manufacturing and services industries, voluntary organizations, governmental and social enterprise but with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

16555-6 Creativity Management

This Technical Specification provides guidance for managing the process of originating new ideas from which innovations may be developed. It is applicable to all types of organization including manufacturing and services industries, the voluntary sector, governmental and social enterprise but with a particular focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The guidance in this TS covers issues to be considered by those responsible for managing innovation, in particular during the creative phase, and the sourcing of ideas from within and outside the organization. This document is one of six parts that support Part 1 of the series, CEN/TS 16555-1, Innovation management - Part 1: Innovation management system.

16555-7 Innovation Management Assessment

This Technical Specification provides guidance on assessing the innovation management system (IMS) and its performance. It describes how organizations can create transparency internally on strengths and weaknesses in their innovation management system. This transparency can be used as a basis to develop effective actions to improve the innovation management capabilities and performance. Increased innovation management performance is essential for generating value for the organization, its network partners and key stakeholders

CEN 16555 Series Dubai Quality Innovation Award Framework